About this site


I created this site to share my life thoughts and whereabouts with friends privately.

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So far not much here, and so far rather boring. But i hope to post regularly here. Especially if more people gather.

I might be hesitant to mention everything at first, but I will try to introduce more and more secretive topics.

I hope it will be possible to have private RSS.

In the footer, the first link should be Google sign-in. There is nothing to access on this site without logging in.

You only see posts shared with you. It might sometimes not be displayed whether you are logged in, and the only thing to indicate it will be whether you see any posts.

To get added to access control lists, email me or message me somewhere.

Find me on https://mikf.pl

I am also considering using Diaspora to cross-post the stuff from here: see blog post (click here)